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This function facilitates the installation of the required Python dependencies for the SpatialDDLS package. It requires a Python interpreter with the TensorFlow Python library and its dependencies. It utilizes the reticulate package and the installer of the tensorflow R package to perform the installation. Conda environments will be used with the new environment being named SpatialDDLS-env. This function is intended to simplify the installation process for SpatialDDLS by automatically installing Miniconda and creating a new environment named SpatialDDLS-env. For users who wish to use a different Python or conda environment, see the tensorflow::use_condaenv function and the package vignettes for more information.


installTFpython(conda = "auto", install.conda = FALSE, miniconda.path = NULL)



Path to a conda executable. Using "auto" (by default) allows reticulate to automatically find an appropriate conda binary.


Boolean indicating if installing miniconda automatically by using reticulate. If TRUE, conda argument is ignored. FALSE by default.


If install.conda is TRUE, you can set the path where miniconda will be installed. If NULL, conda will find automatically the proper place.


No return value, called for side effects: installation of conda environment with a Python interpreter and Tensorflow


if (FALSE) {
notesInstallation <- installTFpython(
  conda = "auto", install.conda = TRUE